Banana production to get negatively affected in India by climate change, says study


According to a study “Climate change impacts on banana yields around the world” published in the journal Nature Climate Change, changes in climate may lead to a decline in the production of Bananas in India. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of Exeter. The researchers focused at banana yields in 27 countries and said that until now climate change has increased the yield of banana crops, due to favorable environmental conditions. The 27 countries accounts for 86% of the world’s dessert banana production. The results of the study now reveal that the production of the fruit could be reduced or may completely disappear by year 2050, if climate change continues at the current rate.

The study further said that 10 countries including India and Brazil will be the most to get affected by the drop in banana yield. While, some countries including Ecuador and Honduras as well as some African countries, may witness an increase in the overall crop yields of banana. Apart from India and Brazil, countries where production of banana is likely to be get negatively impacted includes major exporters such as – Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama and the Philippines.

The study concluded by saying, “We infer that future climate risks to banana production could be mitigated to secure local nutritional diversity and security. Nevertheless, securing supply to non-producing countries, where banana consumption is an important contributor to dietary diversity, is likely to require a reorganization of the export market.”

According to data released in 2017, India is one of the largest producers of banana. The fruit is widely consumed in the country and is a cheap source of nutrition for millions of Indians. Bananas are rich sources of potassium, which is important for heart health. The fruit crop is an important provider of nutrition and an income source to thousands of people in rural and urban India.



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