Adventure lovers to witness the world’s longest waterslide in Malaysia’s Penang Theme Park


Malaysia’s Penang has now become the city with the world’s longest waterslide. The “ESCAPE” theme park in Penang is massive and is 1140 meters (3740 feet) long. This waterslide is a version of the same in New Jersey. The prime difference between the two versions is that the one in New Jersey features inflatable slide while the one in Penang is made using fiber-reinforced polymer. The Penang waterslide is a permanent structure attached solidly to steel poles.

People will get to spend four full minutes on this ride sliding its way down a 70-meter slope.  This water slide journeys through jungle scenery, thereby, making it look absolutely gorgeous. The slide can be accessed via a cable car chairlift.

Penang is one of the most popular islands in Malaysia, famous for its culture and cuisine. The main city of the island known as George Town comprises of a number of Hindu and Buddhist temples. The place is also known for its colorful street art culture and British colonial architecture.



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