Devotees to witness 13ft tall Durga idol made of gold on Durga Puja in Kolkata this year


This year on Durga Puja, a Durga idol made of 50 kg gold costing INR 20 crores will be worshiped at the famous Santosh Mitra Square near Sealdah Railway Station in Kolkata. The Durga idol is 13 ft tall and has been crafted in pure gold by the local jewellers. After the token immersion of the idol of the goddess, the gold will be returned to their contributors. In addition, MNC’s have also contributed for funding the preparation of the idol and the puja festivities. However, idols of Ganesha, Kartik, goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati will not be made of gold due to costing issues.

Another attraction at the Santosh Mitra puja pandal would be a remake of the under-construction Chandrodaya temple of the Vaishnava Hindu religions order ISKCON in Mayapur. The temple will become the largest temple in the world after its completion in 2022. A sheesh mahal made of broken glass will also be an attraction at the puja pandal. Around 200 artisans and workers have been working to put together the idol and the pandal since the last two and a half months.

This year Mahalaya (homecoming of Goddess) would be celebrated on 28th September 2019, but the festivities would begin on Panchami, 3rd October, 2019 and end on Vijaya Dashami, 8th October, 2019.



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