Travellers visiting New Zealand need to follow new travel rules from 1st October, 2019


Starting from 1st October, 2019, new travel rules will be implementing for the visitors to visit New Zealand. Travellers will need to request an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority), in order to enter the country.

New Zealand authorities are keeping a check on criminal convictions, and are also tightening their national security. Reportedly, authorities want to identify those people who were previously sentenced to prison for 12 months or longer. So, travellers will now have to answer questions regarding any criminal convictions, in order to visit the country.

Almost 1.5 million travellers visit the country from its 60 visa-waiver countries, and all of those travellers will now need to obtain New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority or NZeTA. It is essential, and travellers will be permitted to board a plane or even a cruise ship that is going to New Zealand only after obtaining the same. To obtain the NZeTA, a fee of $9 or $12 will be applied. The rule also applies to those, who are transiting through the country.

However, the above rule excludes New Zealand and Australian citizens. This also excludes those who have a valid visa for visiting the country. Travellers can apply for the NZeTA online, but they need to submit their online requests 72 hours before their travel.



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