Air India to serve Navratri meals on its domestic flights from Sunday


Sunday onwards, Air India is going to serve special Navratri meals to its domestic passengers during the entire Navratri festival. Air India will serve a festive menu over and above different types of meals being served presently to the air flyers. The festive meal will include – French fries, potato dishes, pakoras, plain yoghurt, tamarind chutney, dry fruit-based puddings etc. Chefs will use rock salt to prepare the Navratri meals.

It is believed that Navratri (spring and autumn) also signals a change in weather, and thus the human body becomes more prone to diseases. Hence, the Navratri diet is based on Ayurvedic science. As per Ayurveda, food items such as – garlic, onion, legumes, lentils, fenugreek, alcohol, meat, poultry, mustard ( sarson), asafoetida (hing), radish and other natural products are considered tamasic (sloth-inducing). Hence, they are avoided.

Millions of people across India fast during this festival. They refrain from eating not only meat and egg-based dishes, but also grains such as – wheat, maida, ragi, bajra etc. Only traditional grains such as – kuttu or buckwheat, barnyard millet, sabudana and water chestnuts are consumed during the festival.



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