Indian Army plans to open “Siachen Glacier”, the world’s highest battlefield, for tourists


According to the latest reports, the Indian Army is planning to open up the world’s highest battlefield, Siachen Glacier, for tourists. The said plan was recently mentioned by Army Chief General Bipin Rawat, during a seminar that was attended by senior Lieutenant Generals and several officers. The Army Chief said that this would be good for national integration. And, as the force has been allowing citizens to visit training institutions and centres, they are now planning to open some forward posts such as – Siachen Glacier too.

Citizens are not allowed to access the premises near Siachen Glacier, whereas only locals who live nearby and serve as porters for the forces are allowed by the Indian Army. However, now the forces are considering opening up more of its operational positions in the high-altitude terrain in Ladakh for civilians to visit.

The Siachen Glacier is a part of Ladakh and has recently been converted into a Union Territory by the Indian government. The Army is deciding the procedures and the points till where tourists can be allowed.



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