This Navratri, devotees to witness new “Golden Gate” at Vaishno Devi


This Navratri, devotees visiting Vaishno Devi shrine will be greeted by a new golden door adoring the entrance of the main cave shrine. The new golden gate will be replacing the existing one that is made of marble at the entrance. It took 11 kg of gold, 1100 kg silver and 1200 kg copper to build the new gate. For the safety, around 350 cameras will be installed around the main temple, and its master control room will be in Katra. The CRPF, Police, and the shrine board will be joint monitoring the area.

The grand new golden gate will have carved images of Goddess Vaishno Devi, Mahagauri, Siddhidatri, Kalratri, Chamunda, and others. A 6 feet tall image of Goddess Lakshmi will be towards the right of the entrance along with a special prayer room for aarti on the left side. Images of Lord Ganesha with Brahma, Maha Vishnu, Shiva, Hanuman and Lord Surya will be installed in the place around the entrance of the cave shrine. The golden gate will comprise of golden flags, a dome and a golden umbrella. A bell of around 25kg in weight, made of gold and silver, will be hung inside.

During Navratri, Hydrangea from Malaysia, Tulips from Holland, Cymbidium from Thailand and Orchids from Singapore will be used for decorating the gate.
20 craftsmen from Delhi and Uttar Pradesh have been working hard to complete this project before 29th September. The funding for the project has been done by the donors.

During Navratri, the entire trekking route from the base point to the main shrine will be lighted up by the shrine board. Apart from this, the shrine board will also offer free food at the langar to the devotees including the ones who are observing the Navratri fast.



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