Healthy Chips for Diabetics


Diabetics are often advised to eat healthy diet. We all have the habit of munching on snacks and foods which contain hidden sugars. Ketchups, mayonnaise and fruit cereals are often loaded with great amount of refined sugars which may affect blood glucose levels. Recent studies have indicated a link between trans-fats and ultra-processed foods with raised blood sugar levels. Everyone loves to binge on snacks such as “Chips”. For diabetics, healthy fibre-rich chips could prove to be an excellent addition in the diet. Fibre helps in enabling gradual release of sugar in the blood, thereby, preventing rise in blood sugar levels.

Ragi Chips: Ragi is enriched with fibre and protein. It is high in iron, magnesium and calcium as well. Ragi chips are easily available in every local grocery store these days. Opt for baked chips from trusted brands.

Spinach Chips: Spinach leaves are non-starchy, hence good for diabetics. Toss some spinach leaves with olive oil and herbs, and bake in an oven for 7 to 10 minutes. It’s a lip smacking home- made chip version!!

Sweet Potato Chips: Sweet potato is often considered safe to consume in Diabetes. Sweet potatoes have low glycemic index and contains a good amount of fibre. Chop sweet potato into thin slices and bake them till they turn slightly brown. Enjoy with hummus or salsa!!

Carrot Chips: Slice carrots as thin as you want them with the help of a peeler. Bake them until crisp. Enjoy binging on these homemade chips too!!



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