Food and Drinks for Controlling High Blood Pressure


Heart related diseases are growing a nowadays. One of the most common heart related problems is “High Blood Pressure”, where the force of blood against the artery wall is too high. If left uncontrolled, high blood pressure can have a negative impact on the overall heart health and might also lead to a stroke. People suffering from high blood pressure condition must take prescribed medicines as well as should intake diet which keeps heart healthy.

Food and Drinks to include in High Blood Pressure Diet

Ajwain Water: Carom seeds have antihypertensive and antispasmodic properties which can help in managing blood pressure levels. To consume this, soak a teaspoon of dry-roasted ajwain seeds in a cup of water and leave it overnight. Consume it the next day on an empty stomach.

Beetroot Juice: This vegetable is enriched with fibre and potassium. Potassium helps in eliminating the ill-effects of sodium, thereby, stabilizing blood pressure levels.

Banana: This fruit contains minerals, antioxidants and is rich in potassium. 100 grams of bananas contain 358 mg potassium. Blend them in shakes and smoothies or eat them raw.

Avocado: Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids and fibre, avocados are incredibly good for heart and high blood pressure levels.

Spinach soup:  This veggie is low in calories and carbs and contains negligible fat. It should be cooked as it is much healthier than raw spinach. It becomes easier for the body to absorb the nutrients from cooked spinach. Vitamin C and beta-carotene present in the leafy greens prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol and keeps heart healthy. If one’s arteries are not hardened, it will enable smooth flow of blood, thereby, keeping blood pressure under control.

However, it is advised to consult your Doctor before following any kind of diet.



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