“Benne Dosa”, Bengaluru’s Authentic South Indian Dish


Dosa is one of the most famous dishes of South Indian food. We have heard about popular names of Dosas such as – Mysore Dosa, Rava Dosa, and Neer Dosa. But have you ever heard about “Benne Dosa”?, the famous buttery delight from Bengaluru. The word ‘Benne’ means butter. It is one of the delicious dosas loved by people residing in the Bengaluru city as well as among tourists. Doused in butter, Benne Dosa is small in size, and consists of a thick and fluffy texture, made with a rice batter. It is prepared like a regular Dosa but with heaps of white butter and is served with coconut chutney. A popular variety of Benne Dosa is the “Davangere Benne Dosa”, which is named after the town Davangere in Karnataka and is stuffed with a potato filling.

Some other popular variants of Benne Dosa are – Open Benne Dosa, the Benne Khali Dosa (empty dosa with no filling) or Ondu Benne Dosa (single Benne Dosa). Benne Dosa is mostly enjoyed as breakfast meal in Bengaluru. The potato filling, also known as the Potato Palya, is made with boiled potatoes tempered with some onions and green chillies. When dipped in the fresh and spicy coconut chutney, the Benne Dosa tastes heavenly.

In order to have an authentic Benne Dosa, you can visit places such as – Raghavendra Davanagere Benne Dose Hotel, Vidyarthi Bhavan or CTR in Bengaluru. A regular plate contains two Dosas enriched in butter. The Benne Dosa has become an essential part of the menu at most restaurants in Bengaluru that serves authentic South Indian cuisine. It is believed that the recipe was first created at the Mahadevappa Benne Dosa Hotel, which has been running since 1928, but it is hard to find about its true origins.



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