Zip lining in Karnataka’s Jog Falls to commence from June 2020


Tourists will soon be able to enjoy zip-lining across the famous Jog Falls in Karnataka, a place where River Sharavathi falls from a height of 830 ft, making it quite scenic.
The Jog Management Authority is planning to launch zip lining from British Bungalow viewpoint to the viewpoint near the main entrance gate of Jog. There are four distinct points of the waterfall―Raja, Rani, Roarer, and Rocket. Hanuma Naik, Assistant Director of Tourism Department, said that these three viewpoints attract major tourists, who visit to enjoy breathtaking views of the waterfall.


By introducing zip lining, tourists will get an opportunity to get a closer view of the waterfall and Sharavathi River Valley. Mr. Naik said that a preliminary technical survey, including testing soil strength and studying the movement patterns of wind was recently conducted, for installing the zip lines. Spots for installing decks and pillars for the operation of zip lines were also identified. The cost of total work is estimated to be around INR 60 Lakhs.

The work on installing zip line will commence after the monsoon season. Three parallel zip line cables would be installed and will start operating by June 2020.  Apart from this, the Jog Management Authority further plans to develop a food court, additional parking slots, children’s park, and a toilet complex near the zip lining area, which will cost INR 10 crore. Work on the zip lining project will commence once the state government approves it.



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