Many aged people complain about their weight gain, which usually happens due to the change in the lipid turnover. As we grow old, it becomes more important to keep our health in check, as in what we eat, how often do we eat, how much do we exercise, etc. As per the findings of a new study, lipid turnover in the fat tissue decreases as we grow old, which further leads to weight gain, even if we keep control in our diet or exercise less. The study was published in the journal “Nature Medicine”.

The researchers examined the fat cells in 54 people (both men and women) over a period of 13 years. During this time, the participants, irrespective of their weight gain or loss, showed a decline in lipid turnover in the fat tissue – which is the rate at which lipid in the fat cells is removed and stored. Moreover, the participants who did not compensate for the decline in lipid turnover by consuming low calorie foods, gained weight by an average of 20%.

Further, the researchers also examined lipid turnover in 41 women who had underwent bariatric surgery in the past, to understand how the lipid turnover rate affected their ability to maintain their weight for four to seven years post-surgery. Finally, the findings of the study revealed that “Only those who had a low rate before the surgery were able to increase their lipid turnover and manage their weight loss. Moreover, it was assumed that these people could have had more scope to increase their lipid turnover than the ones who already had a high-level pre-surgery.”



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