Consuming Avocado might help in fighting obesity, reveals study


Obesity is one of the most prevailing health concerns around the world today. Poor diet and lifestyle habits along with underlying medical conditions are the common causes of obesity. Obesity is represented by unusual weight gain. According to the latest research, eating Avocado might help in combating obesity. The scientists have revealed that Avocados help in increasing meal satisfaction in obese adults. The research published in the Journal of Nutrients.

For the research, the scientists examined the underlying physiological effects of including whole and half fresh Hass avocados on hunger, fullness, and how satisfied people felt over a six-hour period. They evaluated these effects in 31 overweight and obese adults in a randomised three-arm crossover clinical trial. Scientists revealed that intake of healthy fats and fibres in daily diet also limited insulin and blood glucose excursions, thereby, reducing the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases as well.

The research revealed that meals including avocado not only resulted in a significant reduction in hunger, but also witnessed an increase in satisfactory levels of participants. The scientists also found an intestinal hormone called PYY, an important messenger of the physiological response.

Britt Burton-Freeman, lead researcher of the study said “”For years, fats have been targeted as the main cause of obesity, and now carbohydrates have come under scrutiny for their role in appetite regulation and weight control”.

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to optimal meal composition for managing appetite. However, understanding the relationship between food chemistry and its physiological effects in different populations can reveal opportunities for addressing appetite control and reducing rates of obesity, putting us a step closer to personalized dietary recommendations,” Burton-Freeman added.



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