Essential nutrients for getting rid of Dark Circles


Formation of dark circles around the eyes is a common problem now a days. These dark circles provide a negative impact to the overall beauty of the face. Although tiredness, stress, lack of sleep remains some of the common causes behind formation of dark circles, the biggest cause is Diet. The deficiency of several nutrients causes dark circles around the eyes. In order to get rid of them, Nutritionist, Wellness Coach and Founder of NutriActivania, Avni Kaul, provides information about few essential nutrients to be included in diet, in order to combat dark circles.

Vitamin C: High in antioxidants, foods rich in vitamin C helps in minimizing the damage caused by exposure to free radicals. It also increases blood circulation and production of collagen, thereby, helping in restoring the skin’s firmness and glow. Guava, Strawberries, Oranges and Cauliflower are good sources of Vitamin C.

Lycopene: It is a highly potent chemical found in various fruits and vegetables. It is high in antioxidants and is known to provide many health benefits such as – improving eye health and overall immunity. It is also helpful in reducing pigmentation, which, in turn, helps in reducing dark circles. Tomatoes, Watermelon, Cabbage and Papaya are common sources of Lycopene.

Iron: Dark circles along with dizziness, tiredness and fatigue point towards iron deficiency.  The supply of oxygen to the body tissues is hampered, which makes the skin to look pale, thereby, making dark circles to get more darkened. Green vegetables, Pumpkin seeds, Lentils and beans are some good sources of Iron.

Vitamin E:  This nutrient is extremely beneficial for skin and hair. It is also filled with antioxidants and helps to combat free radicals. This nutrient helps in – restoring the skin’s moisture, decreasing pigmentation and slowing down the process of aging. Sunflower oil, Corn, Spinach and Almonds are good sources of Vitamin E.

Vitamin K:  This nutrient helps in repairing damaged skin and healing skin’s injuries. Eating vitamin K on a daily basis can help in removing the dark circles. Turnip greens, Cauliflower, Pomegranate and Tomatoes are some good sources of vitamin K.



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