Intake of low carbohydrate, high protein and fat diet might prove beneficial for Type-2 Diabetics


A study published in the journal ‘Diabetologia‘ has revealed that consuming a diet low in carbohydrates and rich in protein and fats, might benefit people suffering from Type 2 diabetes. A low carb, high-protein and high-fat diet might fight fat accumulation in the liver and, thereby, improve fat metabolism.

Researchers conducted survey on 28 people suffering from Type-2 diabetes and observed them for a period of 12 weeks. For the first six weeks, people were asked to follow diet rich in carbohydrates. For the next six weeks, they were asked to follow a low-carb diet which was also rich in protein and fats.

The researchers found that people who followed a diet low in carbs, rich in proteins and fats were able to achieve glycemic control as well as successful reduction in blood sugar levels after meals and long-term blood sugar.

“The purpose of study was to investigate the effects of the diet without ‘interference’ from a weight loss. Study confirms the assumption that a diet with reduced carbohydrate content can improve patients’ ability to regulate their blood sugar levels without the patients concurrently losing weight. The study shows that by reducing the share of carbohydrates in the diet and increasing the share of protein and fat, one can both treat high blood sugar and reduce liver fat content, according to Thure Krarup (MD), Department of Endocrinology at Bispebjerg Hospital.



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