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Valentine’s Day – Valentine day list, Special week days, History, Wishes . . .

14th February – the date itself is enough to recognize the event. People celebrate 14th February as Valentine’s Day and send their loved one Greeting-Card, Flowers, Chocolates and Gifts with messages to show affection and love to each other.

Valentine’s Day got its existence from one of the famous saint, there is distinct story available. The popular belief about St. Valentine is that he was a Priest from Rome in the third century AD.

Roman Emperor Claudius II had seen that married soldiers are week and with diverse mind, he consider them as bad soldiers and form a rule that none of the soldier will get marry. Valentine being a Priest was not happy with the decision and planned to arrange the marriage secretly. Somehow Claudius found that Valentine broke the rule and involved in marriage of the soldiers. Immediately Valentine was sentenced to death and thrown into prison.

Valentine felt in love with prisoners daughter, when he taken to be killed on 14th February he sent a love letter signed “from your Valentine”.

Real Scull of St. Valentine, to see clear picture Please click here

In ancient days it is originated from Roman festivals, Boys drew name of a Girl from box and during festival time they were boyfriend and girlfriend and sometime they would get marry. Later it was recognized by church and they made it part of Christian celebration and decided to remember Valentine on this day. Gradually, St. Valentine’s name started to used by people to express their feeling to loved one. The First recognized Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February 496 almost end of 4th century.

Valentine Week Days List

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RoSe Day :

This is the first and foremost day of the Valentine’s week. Celebrations of Valentine’s walk throw a week and begin with rose day, this day loved ones share roses to each other and reveal that they care to their loved one. However rose is the symbol of love.

PrOpOsE Day :

Propose day is second important day in the weeks Valentine day. This day is for the people who are waiting for their loved one to propose and appraise the love for them. Take your dear one to some romantic spot and propose.

ChOcOlaTe Day :

This is third day of the Valentine’s week, Chocolate is the sweetest and increase the sweetness in your love life. Girls like chocolate more and it is the good weapon for a boy to convince and show the affection they have.

TeDdy Day :

Fourth day of Valentine week is Teddy Day. Teddy Bear is all time favorite of ladies and impress her presenting a furry Teddy Bear. It shows that a man cares for everything which make her angle happy.

PrOmIse Day :

Promise day is very precious in Valentine’s week because it is the day when your love and you promise each other for remaining life. You make new promise which create trust in the relation and keep you both rest of your life.

HuG Day :

This day gives an opportunity to hug your love and tell her the feeling you have in your heart. Your angle can feel the heart beat and it increase the affection for each other.

KiSs Day :

Greet your angle about the kiss day, this is the day to begin the love with kiss. The day makes you both close and gives chance to express your love for your sweetheart. Usually lover girl and boy begin the day with kiss and end the day with kiss again.

Valentine Day :

Valentine’s day is for the loved one to show that they both will love each other for rest of the day. This is the last day of Valentine Week but it leave the impression for entire life to be honest, treat your loved one with care and love, present each other gift, to make the promise for entire life and Hug day is to give the equal respect for each other.

Valentine’s Week is celebrated to get and give important time for your loved one, to treat them and tell them that you care and you remember the promise you made. In busy life man and ladies are busy with growth and decorating the future and in this race they forget their family and friends, but Valentine’s Day give them an opportunity as a festival for a week they can celebrate and feel that they made for love and this love and care we need entire life.

We wish you all – a Happy Valentine’s Day, Keep Smiling 


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