Daily intake of Sweets, Cakes and Junk might cause Acne: Study


According to a study presented in a meeting at the ’28th EADV Congress’ in Madrid, “Daily consumption of Sweets, Cakes, Junk and poor dietary habits can influence skin care problems such as – Acne”. The study also reported that Acne affects up to 40% of Female Adults. Apart from dietary habits, exposure to pollution or stress is also responsible for Acne in younger generation. The study also mentioned about harsh Skincare practices as a cause for Acne.

According to skincare experts, Excess Sugar in our diet leads to develop insulin resistance, which can manifest as excessive hair growth (Hirsutism), production of dark patches on the skin, and aggravation of acne breakouts. Also, High Blood Sugar levels in the body pumps up the production of insulin. To bring down these spikes, the body responds by producing androgen hormones, which further increases Acne.

It has been proven that sugar triggers inflammation, and also binds to collagen that further degrades skin cells. The lower the consumption of sugar and other high-glycemic foods, the better your skin will look and feel.

Therefore, it is advised to consume foods with a lower glycemic index such as vegetables, or foods with natural sugars such as – fruit and whole grains. Such food items won’t cause high spikes of insulin production in body and will keep skin healthy and free from spots.



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