Soon Passengers flying from Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad Airport to anywhere in India will not require boarding pass


Passengers flying from Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad airport anywhere in India will no longer require boarding passes, as the civil authorities will be introducing biometric-based boarding system very soon. The biometric boarding system will use facial recognition technology for ID proof, and trials have already started to make boarding completely paper-free.

It will take hardly two minutes to register for smooth access, and then the passengers can straightaway go to the boarding gate. Vistara is experimenting with this biometric trial for the next two to three months and passengers can participate in it by registering at their kiosk in Delhi Airport’s Terminal 3.

Once this new technology is implemented, paper tags for hand luggage, paper boarding passes and other paper documents will become obsolete. Biometric facial recognition technology at the airports will also result in faster processing and reduced waiting time in queues.

Not only the boarding process will become easier, but passengers will also not have to show boarding pass or ID cards at multiple checkpoints at the airport. Voluntary in nature, the new biometric system will help air passengers avoid long queues at the security, baggage checks and boarding gates.



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