World’s first Cheese Conveyor Belt now in London


London is now home to the world’s first 40 meter cheese conveyor belt. A new eatery named “Pick and Cheese” is located at Kerb Street food market, Covent Garden. 25 different cheese varieties are placed on a conveyor belt. After taking a seat at the belt, diners can pick up their favourite cheeses from the never-ending cheese parade, where plates are color-coded by price. The best part here is that the cheese which you pick once from the lot will return over and over again.  This is a place where one can pair these cheeses with the best of wines. Red Leicester, Yorkshire Pecorino and Cornish Gouda are among the many cheese delicacies offered by the eatery.

The cheeses are also paired with homemade condiments such as – bacon treacle spread, lemon meringue and more. One can also take suggestion from Mathew Carver (the owner) and try Fellstone cheese from Cumbria along with garlic-roasted onions. “Off-belt dishes” such as pan-fried angloumi and a four-cheese grilled sandwich, can be ordered directly to your seat. The eatery promises an outstanding collection of cheeses, and is trying to bring awareness to people regarding British produced cheeses.



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